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With more than 30 years experience we are a leading Diamond Drilling, Sawing and Demolition contractor, operating in Great Britain and Europe.

In our early days much of our work was carried out in the Midlands, but, today we work nationally and occasionally in Europe. 

We are a long standing member of the Drilling and Sawing Association and have always been innovative
in our approach to the development of the concrete cutting industry. 
We continue to be first in our field to see the potential of new technology as it becomes available.

Our directly employed CSCS and CPCS trained mobile workforce consists of highly qualified and experienced technicians,
managed by a team of graduate supervisors whose qualifications include mechanical, legal, civil and structural engineering.

We are committed to a programme of training for all our employees, which in turn has contributed to our exemplary site safety record. 
The technical ability and safety awareness of our people will improve our industry.

Why Use a Diamond Drilling Method?

If you need holes drilling in reinforced concrete then Diamond Drilling offers pin point accuracy with smooth edges.
Diamond Drilling can also be implemented where large areas of concrete need to be removed, whilst maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Sometimes we implement a method called Stitch Drilling. This involves drilling several holes which are linked together to form openings in slabs or walls.

This method is mainly used where the depths of the structure exceed the limits of a conventional Diamond Saw.
This is an ideal method to adopt where a bespoke shape or size is required.

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