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The Thermostud® is a registered marking system for pedestrian crossings, which was invented and has been patented by our company.

It is an in-situ road stud that has a service life equal to the road surface itself.

The installation of Thermostud® is achieved by diamond coring a 100mm diameter hole into the wearing course of the road surface.

White thermoplastic material is then poured into the hole until the material is flush with the road surface to produce a maintenance free marking system.


The Highways Agency purchased limited rights to our patent, allowing our system to be used in pairs as node markers in national road surveys.

Traffic & Barrier Loop Detection

A traffic detector loop is a sub surface detection system that can identify the presence, movement and speed of a vehicle.

Detector Loops are mainly used at security barriers and gates, at traffic signals and pedestrian crossings and on major roads and motorways.

They are a discreet and reliable information provider that requires minimal maintenance.
East Midlands Diamond Drilling is a Sector 8 registered organisation.

Our teams of installers are trained to the highest health and safety standards each of our installers are Sector 8 Approved, NRSWA and CSCS registered.

We are able to offer a complete service of traffic management planning, installation and maintenance, vehicle detector loop installation, testing and commissioning.

Our civils teams install traffic poles, ducting, chambers and controllers.

Traffic Management

We offer a complete service…
Traffic management planning, installation and maintenance, vehicle detector loop installation, testing and commissioning.

Our civil engineering teams routinely install traffic signal poles, ducting, chambers and controllers.

We install complete traffic signal and pedestrian crossing facilities including associated civils works.

Our company is Sector 8 approved and NRSWA and CSCS registered

Tactile Paving 

We offer a range of tactile paving carpets which are fully compliant to the building regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Gone are the times when the installation of tactile paving would take days of noisy breaking, footpaths being closed and the air full of dust.

With our new system the tactile paving is bonded to the existing surface before an anti slip finish is applied, providing a low maintenance solution.

Installation takes just hours, not days, corners and curves can be cut round and existing manholes can be part or fully covered without the need to replace them.

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