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Derby Pile Cutting

Derby, Pile Cutting

The client needed to remove 1.2m sections from the top of a 60 metre pile wall made up of 750mm and 600mm diameter piles.
The piles contained rings of 30mm and 25mm re-bar respectively.
There was access to only one side of the wall.

The job required use of the/our Tyrolit WSE 2226 High Frequency wall saw which has the biggest capability (upto 2.2m blade) and is the most powerful High Frequency wall saw on the market.
This is one of only a few such saws in this country.

To achieve the required depth required sequential cutting the length of the wall using 800mm, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m blades and bespoke blade guards.

Once cut the redundant pile caps were lifted away using Client machinery
Levelling the track over such a distance and cutting to the required line and depth required considerable expertise.
Our lead Operative Gez King, a sawman with substantial experience of wall sawing, commented following the works that this was the deepest he had track sawed in 25 years.

Despite that fact, one team of two was able to set up 9 m of track and cut up to 11 metres in one day.



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