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Stitch Drilling

Stitch Drilling

Stitch drilling is an effective method of removing concrete under closely controlled conditions.

There are other ways to create large openings, but there are a number of situations
where stitch drilling is the preferred option. Stitch drilling is often used when a site is too cramped for other methods of cutting.
Diamond drilling is also suitable for use underwater which means that there are a whole range of situations where a stitch drilling method is a necessity – such as working on water treatment facilities or off-shore platforms.

Finally, because diamond drilling uses water as a lubricant, there is no dust produced during the drilling process, so stitch drilling using a diamond drill is the best choice for working in a sterile or clean environment such as a hospital.

Stitch Drilling is a technique where our drillers drill a series of overlapping holes, usually around 107mm in diameter, which can then be used to form any shape or size of opening through any thickness of reinforced material.

Customer Testimonial

Thanks for the help today. We eventually got a dimension and then hit steel beams, however all is now ok.

Your man Stefon, has been really helpful despite having to wait for a morning to get the dims.

Charles Darwent - Bluuco

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