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Concrete Bursting Systems

Concrete Bursting Systems

Concrete bursting systems are for the removal of foundations, pillars, machine bases and concrete walls over 320 mm thick.

Up to 320mm it is usually more economical to crush where both faces are accessible. The system consists of a high pressure bursting piston, which is inserted into a pre drilled hole.

The piston expands within the hole and develops a pressure of up to 250 tonnes.

The piston pushes against the sides of the hole until the concrete bursts apart.

The system is silent running and easily manoeuvrable, enabling the concrete to be burst into small sections that can easily be removed.

You can rely on our highly experienced team of drillers to deliver workmanship of the highest standards.

Customer Testimonial

Many thanks again for a great job well done. Thanks to Mickey for his very professional and speedy approach to health and safety.

Looking forward to seeing you at Coventry very soon to do our next stage.

Phil Lloyd - Orient Rose

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